At Skinox we are passionate to equip you with the best skills to be able to provide the best patient care and experience. Our multi-disciplinary training team consist of Doctors, Pharmacist & Nurse Prescribers who have a wealth of experience within the Aesthetics Industry.

We are able to treat healthcare professionals - Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists & Nurses

Our foundation & advanced courses will give you both a good insight into aesthetics & the tools you need to kick-start your business.

Foundation Dermal Filler & Botulinum Toxin type A course: 

- Understand the ageing face and how treatments can work
- What does the current Aesthetics market look like?
- Understanding of how both treatments work
- Anatomy & Physiology
- Product choices
- Consultation and Medical History forms
- Treating the forehead, frown and crow's feet muscles
- Treating the marionette lines
- Treating the nasolabial folds
- Treating the peri-oral area
- Practical experience in treating all the above areas
- Aftercare for both Botulinum toxin type A & Dermal filler
- Marketing and starting up your business
- Aftercare support 
- Obtaining insurance
- Franchise opportunities

Price: £695 or from £69 per month through our finance options*

Skinox Lip Fillers Course: 

- Understand the ageing face
- Product choices
- Understand the various techniques to treat the lips
- Practical experience
- Aftercare advice for the patient
- How to market your results?
- How to advertise your business through social media platforms
- Franchise opportunities

Price: £595 or from £59 per month through our finance options*

Advanced courses as additional add-ons: 

- Non-surgical Rhinoplasty
- Tear trough filler 
- Cheek Augmentation & Contouring
- Jawline treatment
- Chin Augmentation
- Botox for Bruxism & Gummy smile

Price: £350 each or from £35 per month through our finance options*

Spend a day in one of our clinics:

After completing the course, you may find that you want more practical and hands-on experience. Why not spend a whole day in our clinics so that you can see "What good looks like" and get to see the patient journey and gain more practical experience so that you feel even more comfortable starting up your own business. 

Price: £350 each day or from £35 per month through our finance options*

*Indicative prices only and will vary depending on the term of the loan and current interest rates. Finance rates and options can be found on  Please feel free to contact us directly for more information on the finance options available.